Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions by people looking into the possibility of living in Bridgepark Manor:

Is it possible to pay only the rent and not the meal portion?
No.  Rates include your suite, food services, planned activities, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.

Is there special diet accommodation for people with medical conditions?
Bridgepark Manor strives to accommodate moderately restricted diets.

Can residents have guests for meals?
Yes.  Guest meals are available for a fee with prior arrangements.

If a person already has homecare can it continue?
Yes.  Generally the homecare you need or already receive can follow you to Bridgepark Manor.

Is laundry service provided?
Each suite is equipped with washer and dryer for residents to use, but we do not provide laundry service.

Is there transportation for appointments?
No.  Residents contact a taxi or Handi-Van for transportation to appointments if they need assistance.

Do the ranges have safety elements?
Yes.  For added protection of our residents, every range in our facility will have safety elements that automatically turn off when they get too hot or are left unattended.

Is satellite TV available?
No. Bridgepark Manor is set up to receive Shaw and BellMTS cable. Each tenant is responsible for arranging their own TV service.

Do residents have call buttons?
No. Each room is installed with a Victoria Lifeline emergency alert system.

Do residents have to take out their own garbage?
No.  There is garbage pick-up for all residents three times a week from their suite entrance.